Smart LED 16 x16 Pixel Dot Matrix Dream Color LED display panel

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D25616*16 Pixel display panel is a Smart LED dot matrix display product, which is specially designed for WS2812 Digital Dream Color customers who require a flexible colorful matrix of intelligent LED technology.   Originally designed for LED-clothing, it has many uses and advantages, such as small size, light weight, arbitrary curved, easy to carry, Low-voltage drive, green energy, high brightness, low power, and  long life. 

The D256 uses advanced Intelligent LED driver IC, WS2812 as the basic unit. 16 Pixels are placed each line, and there are 16 lines on each panel. The space between each pixel is 1cm. This product is totally able to meet the basic requirement of Chinese character displaying. When used it with a controller additionally, it can also display numbers, English, video and so on.
The Main Application areas
● Advertising signage
● Stage Lighting,decorating
● Great for applications that require frequent disassembly.


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